'Young Night Thought' is now available on CD, LP and Download. To see/hear samples of the project, visit the 'Videos' page where you will find ''Young Night Thought' Song Sketches' by filmmaker Daniel Warren.

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3 tracks from the new album 'Young Night Thought'

1. Underneath The Sycamore feat. Karine Polwart

Written by Kirsty Law and Karine Polwart, produced by Ben Seal

2. My Rovin Eye

Tune Trad. / Words Kirsty Law, produced by Ben Seal

3. The Iron Railing feat. Carla Easton

Written by Kirsty Law, produced by Ben Seal

2 tracks from 'An Unrban Seascape' EP 

This EP was written as part of a Coastword residency in Dunbar, East Lothian. The songs explore the human relationship with the Firth of Forth. It was recorded in Belhaven Parish Church, with experimental improvised organ accompaniment. Written and performed by Kirsty Law, recorded by Dave House of The Noisefloor. 

1. Foundered


This poem/song uses the names and stories of wrecks that have taken place over many years in the Firth of Forth. 

2. Of Water and War

2 tracks from my debut album, 'Shift', released 2014.

1. The Wild Lass / The Twa Magicians


The Wild Lass was written by poet Marion Angus, set to music by Kirsty Law. The Twa Magicians is a traditional ballad, arranged by Kirsty Law.

The ballad describes a man chasing a woman down, shape-shifting as they go. Eventually she has to give in. In this case, it is sad how relevant it is to sing this song today despite it having been around around for hundreds of years. 

2. Wee Song


Written by Kirsty Law in response to a poem by poet collabortor Tessa Ransford OBE.