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'A rich Scots voice... deceptively simple, beautiful composition.' fROOTS Magazine

'...a voice that commands our attention' The Living Tradition Magazine 

'Here's a discovery!...a singer with very much her own personality, both richly expressive and naturally conversational. She possesses a feisty, and entirely engaging, tone and manner, and is blessed with an exceptional command of phrasing and language. A keen and talented songwriter with an acute feel for historical and political subjects to which she's able to bring a thoughtful and fresh independent perspective. Shift is a really impressive, fascinatingly different album, where the seal is set on Kirsty's special artistic personality by Mattie Foulds' canny production and the supporting presence of Kirsty's "band" (none other than the widely acclaimed young musicians Marit Fält and Rona Wilkie, playing låtmandola/cittern and fiddles respectively) and further selective instrumental augmentation from Conrad Molleson (double bass) and David Milligan (Rhodes piano).' FATEA Magazine - to read the full review click HERE

'Considering that Law is just 24, Shift, on Toun Records, comes over as a remarkably seasoned-sounding piece of work, with her singing given dramatically taut but not overpowering accompaniments by the duo of Highland fiddler Rona Wilkie and Norwegian låtmandola player Marit Fält. Her ability to empathise with bygone folk and situations shines.' Jim Gilchrist, The Scotsman - to read the full page review click HERE

''Shift' is a deeply atmospheric and highly evocative collection of self-penned songs and rearrangements of traditional tunes and poems throughout which Kirsty’s warm, full-throated vocals weave and soar...Kirsty Law has recorded an album which offers a rich and often heady brew of traditional and modern songs and sounds which retains a strong sense of its own identity.' Folk Radio UK - for the full review click HERE

'An incredible voice' Settle Storytelling Festival

'In Kirsty Law, it's a joy to hear a young singer and writer in Scots with such welcoming, earthy and conversational character to her singing and songs. Better still, she's complimenting traditional material with her own writing and research, and with a distinctive sense of theatre. Her wistful setting of the Marion Angus poem "The Wild Lass" acts as prelude to a feisty rendering of the ballad of The Twa Magicians, which, in turn, she begins, very convincingly, as a spoken word piece. It's evidence of storytelling at the core of Kirsty's music, and a marker of a young musician looking to do things her own way. The superb duo of BBC Young Trad Award winning fiddler Rona Wilkie and rhythmically inventive Swedish mandola player Marit Fält support the natural phrasing of Kirsty's vocals with elegant and uncluttered attention to detail, especially on Kirsty's beautiful song "Barefit Lassies". It's lovely stuff.' Karine Polwart, multi-award winning singer and songwriter

'Kirsty’s dedication to Scottish tradition shines through her singing - her voice has a rich, warm tone and her sensitive interpretation will touch your heart. Not to be missed!Margaret Bennett, acclaimed Scottish singer, tradition bearer and folklorist

'Voyage is a superbly crafted storytelling experience in which narrative, song, music and evocative visuals all combine to draw us into the storytelling magic…. the perfect launch for the Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2013.’ Donald Smith, director of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival, on the commission, 'Voyage', with Ian Stephen, Giles Perring and Christine Morrison